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Due to the strain load generated on the main lifting shaft by the roller guides, some areas of the shaft will mark/loose a number of the paint finish. This has no impact on the longevity of the product and is only cosmetic. If you might be involved a smear of sunshine oil on the effected space would suffice. Only advantage of workbench is if you have bike there isn’t any abba fitting kit for or for non bike uses. I’ve got the superbike stand and have seemed out for the sky lift prior to now however as a result of price I was pondering finally I’ll just get a ramp and use it at the side of the common stand. My greatest concern was whether there could be sufficient entry to the left hand facet of the bike whereas it was on the stand, I needn’t have apprehensive.

abba skylift

If you want to take away the bikes hub just carry the bike within the “stoppie” position and the entire hub meeting can be eliminated. We promote an elective swing-arm elimination equipment which fits onto the footrest hanger mounts. This then lets you match the lift with access to the swing-arm pivot, in this mode you possibly can strip the bike all the way down to the naked body. Lifting the bike in the “stoppie” position will enable you to raise the swing arm as much as perfect working height.

Incessantly Asked Questions For The Abba Sky Lift

No different stand, carry, jack or bench will enable more work to be carried out on a motorcycle than the abba Sky Lift. You can remove the fairings, wheels, forks, shock, engine and even the swing arm with our Swing arm Removal equipment. In reality, every final nut bolt and washer could be dismantled down to leaving the naked body connected to the carry.

You can now lock the Abba’s two wheels nearest to you, then move round to the other aspect, where the upright arm could be slid onto the Sky Lift and positioned in the opposite finish of the swingarm pivot. Lock the arm off with the Allen key that’s conveniently hooked up to the arm, as well as the thumbscrew, then the bike is totally secured. Once you have the 2 right adaptor fittings within the Sky Lift, you would possibly want to regulate the height of the primary arm, the place it connects to the ram; this isn’t onerous, and I’ve only had to do it to raise the Honda MSX125 . That bike is so small that even with the arm at its lowest setting, the motorbike needs to be sitting on a couple of blocks of wood.

Becoming Kits

Only one spindle is equipped, and it’s a easy job to swap it between the bottom and the rising arm, but for convenience, I fitted an additional one because it solely prices £6.95. Now provided with an up to date hydraulic pump with a foot pedal for quicker lifting. Raise your bike effortlessly through the foot pedal from resting place to maximum height in round forty five seconds.

  • If we manufacture a fitting equipment in your bike it’ll safely carry the bikes weight, yow will discover this out by using the drop down menus to pick out your mannequin.
  • When I launched the pressure, the front of the bike dropped down into the stoppie place.
  • While I’m yet to carry the 14 with it, I used it to bleed the brakes on the Ducati .
  • We promote an optional swing-arm removal kit which fits onto the footrest hanger mounts.
  • Only one spindle is provided, and it’s a easy job to swap it between the bottom and the rising arm, but for convenience, I fitted an extra one as it solely costs £6.95.

The Abba Sky Lift requires no modifications or parts to be permanently fitted to your bike in any way, your machine stays totally normal. If we manufacture a becoming equipment for the bike it’ll safely raise the bikes weight. If we manufacture a fitting package for your bike it’s going to safely lift the bikes weight, you can find this out by utilizing the drop down menus to pick out your mannequin. The strap could be secured round your bike’s swingarm or paddock stand bobbins. If that’s not an option, a bobbin adaptor is available for between around £6 and £12, depending on the bike – this can both screw into the fixing points for paddock stand bobbins, or move into the rear axle. If you’re utilizing the screw-in kind, make sure you tighten it fully, and bear in mind to remove it earlier than riding off (only as a result of it’s quite lengthy, so could injury the swingarm should you crashed).

When I released the pressure, the entrance of the bike dropped down into the stoppie position. There was no injury, however it’s worth ensuring that the strap that keeps the bike horizontal or within the wheelie place doesn’t come off. With a maximum capacity of 450kg, there’s you’ll not have the ability to overload the Abba stand – the one slight risk is within the bike rotating around the swingarm. I haven’t but eliminated an engine with the bike on the stand, but it’s attainable that eradicating this mass from ahead of the mounting factors could cause the bike to tip backwards if the rear wheel was still in place. There are four sets of double-wheeled castors on the Abba Sky Lift, two of which can be locked off. On my smooth storage flooring it’s really easy to maneuver any bike around, although small stones that have fallen out of the fairing could make it tougher.

They’re very useful on the telephone and the apparatus could be configured for many bikes; have a chat with them. Brilliant bit of package – at present I am using it on a Velocette Venom – assume you should use it on almost anything with the best fittings. Abba provides discounts at many bike reveals, so it’s all the time price seeing in the event that they’re attending. I can honestly say that I couldn’t do lots of the work I perform on my bikes without the Abba Sky Lift; it really transforms both the maintenance experience, and the area you could have available to you. For most home mechanics , it’s probably the greatest investments you can make for your workshop.

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